Bradley Center PACT
Since its origin as a halfway house for men in 1971, PACT’s Bradley Center in LaPorte County has grown to provide residential/work release programs for thousands of men and women. Today, PACT’s Bradley Center provides services for:

  • Institutional Transfers: who serve the final portion of their sentences with PACT supervision
  • United States’s Probation Placements:who are sent to PACT for programming due to modifications in their supervised release, and
  • Pretrial Placements: who are referred to PACT as a condition of their bond.


Clients of Bradley Center follow a curriculum designed around important life skills. They participate in programs designed to teach financial management, nutrition, parenting, family reunification and marriage, employment skills, volunteerism, overcoming substance abuse, environmental awareness, cultural diversity, and spiritual growth.

Bradley Center clients are particularly engaged in programming that helps them identify and change their negative thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. With the help of the Bradley staff, they learn skills for anger management, conflict resolution, goal setting, job readiness, problem solving, and time and stress management. They can take advantage of continuing education classes and work toward their diploma or degree. They also have access to gender specific programs for domestic violence and sexual abuse.

PREA Compliance Disclaimer

The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) is the first United States federal law passed dealing with the sexual assault of prisoners. The bill was signed into law on September 4, 2003. PREA covers all adult as well as juvenile detention facilities and establishes a zero-tolerance standard against sexual assaults and rapes of incarcerated persons of any age. PACT Bradley Center is committed to protecting the resident’s right to be safe from sexual abuse and sexual harassment in our facilities.

Policy: PACT Bradley Center has zero-tolerance toward all forms of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. The Center’s PREA Coordinator will oversee center efforts to comply with the PREA Standards.

How do I report Incidents of Sexual Assault or Sexual Abuse?
PACT Bradley Center will accept reports of allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment of PACT Bradley Center residents from third parties (i.e., family, legal guardian, friend, etc.). All allegations will be investigated:

Tell any facility staff member.
Call the facility and speak with the Director: 219-872-9139
Send a confidential email to

The PACT Bradley Center’s PREA Coordinator shall conduct all of PACT Bradley Centers administrative investigations into allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment, it shall be done promptly, thoroughly, and objectively for all allegations, including third-party and anonymous reports. The PREA Coordinator is trained in PREA Investigations for Allegations of Sexual Abuse. All allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment reported to PACT (including 3rd party reporting) are referred for investigation to local law enforcement.

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Director: Antoinette Thompson

Porter County PACT