Changing Lives through Proven Programs

In operation since 1981, Hoosier Hills PACT provides alternative programming in three key areas, Youth Services, Victim Services and Community Corrections.


Domestic Violence Shelter:

A safe temporary residence for victims of domestic violence and their children. The program provides a 24 hour crisis line as well as court and hospital advocates for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Food, clothing, case management and support groups are free to clients. Trained staff provide educational presentations. Volunteers are an essential part of the program's success.  The shelter is also supported by a generous donation from The Mary Kay Foundation.

Transitional Housing:

Transitional housing apartments are accessible up to 24 months for clients who have left an abusive relationship and need to become self sufficient. Residents are provided case management services and assistance to locate employment and childcare. Access to resources including educational opportunities, budget counseling and permanent housing are also available.  

Victim Advocacy: 

Gives vicitms of any crime the opportunity to complete a Victim Impact Statement to submit to prosecutors prior to sentencing or plea negotiations and provides assistance in applying for victims compensation benefits as well as other appropriate resources. 

Special emphasis is placed on victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Additional services include a danger assessment and safety planning, along with the development of a familt support plan and case management.


Juvenile Delinquency Prevention: 

Provides evidence-based prevention curricula as part of the regular academic day for students in grades six through ten focused on improving protective factors and reducing risk factors for delinquency. 

Youth and Family Intervention Services: 

Provides intensive behavior monitoring and reinforcement for middle school students identified by participating schools as at risk of academic failure and delinquency due to behavioral concerns. Close coordination between the school and the family is fostered by PACT Family Consultants assigned to individual participating schools. 

Intensive Case Management: 

A home, school, and group-based service with referrals accepted from probation departments and schools. Offers services for juveniles ages tweleve through seventeen and their families, at home and/or at school, both during and after school.


Day Reporting: 

Offers case management services for offenders based on a risk and needs assessment. Depending on the results, our staff may provide services such as evidence-based cognitive behavioral groups, educational groups and drug testing. Referrals will be made to other service providers if appropriate. 

Community Transition: 

Day Reporting services are provided for men and women during the final days of their sentence to the Department of Correction and prior to their final release.

Group Services: 

PACT staff provide a variety of cognitive behavioral groups for offenders including Thinking for a Change, Men’s Non-Violence and substance abuse education groups. These groups may take place in county jails as well as with groups on the outside.

Community Service Restitution: 

Offenders are ordered to complete a specified number of community service hours. Work is provided for government or not-for-profit agencies.


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