Porter County PACT

Founded in 1977, Porter County PACT was one of seven, federally-sponsored, community service restitution pilot programs in the nation. The program created the first comprehensive day reporting center in Indiana and partnered in the development of Indiana’s first certified Veterans Court program.  Porter County PACT currently offers twelve programs and services for male and female, adult and juvenile victims and offenders.

1356 W. Lincolnway

Valparaiso, IN 46385


Director: Tammy O’Neill

Porter County PACT Programs

Day Reporting Center (DRC)

An evidence-based program that promotes community safety through services that engage participants in assessment, case management, cognitive behavioral classroom services, and drug testing.  Staff members refer clients to appropriate treatment and help clients increase their motivation to change and participate in client advocacy.

Day Reporting Center Participant Application

Porter County Adult Drug Court

An enhancement of the DRC, this program is operated in partnership with the Honorable Julia Jent, and is certified through the Indiana Judicial Center as a Problem-Solving Court.  Drug Court relies on team decision-making and employs evidence-based practices, including risk and need assessment, specialized assessment, case management, cognitive behavioral services, skill training with directed practice, client referral, and client advocacy.  Adult Drug Court clients attend regularly scheduled court sessions throughout their participation in the program.

Veterans Court

Veterans Court is certified through the Indiana Judicial Center as a Problem-Solving Court and operated in partnership with the Honorable Julia Jent.  The program employs team decision-making and relies on the principles of evidence-based practice.  The Veterans Court also offers a mentoring component and services supported by the Veterans Administration and local treatment providers.

Electronic Monitoring Services (EMS)

PACT offers both radio frequency and GPS monitoring to enhance community-based supervision of adults and juveniles referred by the Court.  Individuals referred to Home Detention are required to adhere to strict schedules, and are to remain at their residence unless they are participating in an activity allowable by statute and authorized by program personnel, probation, and/or the sentencing Court.

Home Detention Participant Application

Community Transition Program (CTP)

Clients are engaged in assessment, case planning, case management, and other services designed to facilitate a successful transition from incarceration back into the community.

Porter County Alcohol & Drug Offender Services (PCADOS)

PCADOS is certified through the Indiana Judicial Center to provide alcohol and drug services for individuals referred by the Court. The PCADOS program offers assessment and case management, as well as three levels of educational classes.

Stop Abuse and Violence Through Education (SAVE)

Operated in conjunction with the local women’s shelter, this program is designed for men charged with domestic battery and other offenses involving domestic violence. Individuals referred to the program must participate in weekly cognitive behavioral classes.

Constructive Anger Learning Methods (CALM)

The CALM program provides cognitive behavioral services that challenge participants’ attitudes and beliefs.  This is accomplished through group processes, which include modeling of appropriate behaviors, skill building with role-playing activities, and real-life application through homework exercises.

Project Prevent Re-Occurring Offenses (Project PRO)

Project PRO is designed to promote community safety through a containment team process.  Individuals referred for placement have sexual offenses and participate in assessment, groups, meetings with their probation officers, and meetings with other providers as needed for polygraph testing.


Cognitive Behavioral Services

In addition to the above domestic violence, educational substance abuse groups and anger management curriculums, this department offers a gender responsive curriculum for criminal justice involved women (“Moving On”), and a thinking errors curriculum designed to help participants reduce their risk to reoffend (“Thinking For a Change”).

Porter County Education Schedule

Victim Impact Panel (VIP)

A panel consisting of victims who have been injured by a drunk driver, or are friends/family members of someone injured or killed by a drunk driver, speaks about the impact of the accident on their lives to individuals with alcohol-related offenses.

Community Service Restitution (CSR)

 Individuals are ordered by the Court to perform a specified number of community service hours for nonprofit and governmental agencies.

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