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Under the supervision of PACT, the Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) provides peer support services, serves as an advocate, and provides education and information around substance use and recovery to participants at HealthLinc and individuals served as a part of the Mobile Response Team (MRT). Client referrals will be provided to each CRS by the Mobile Integrated Response Coordinator. The MRT is comprised of the CRS and a law enforcement or EMS professional.

The CRS performs a wide range of tasks to assist individuals in regaining control over their lives and recovery process. They assist the individual with connecting into a wraparound system of resources to address identified needs. The CRS will provide a model for people in recovery, those contemplating recovery, and for organizational staff by demonstrating that recovery is possible.

DIRECT REPORT – Line of Authority

  • Director, Porter County PACT

QUALIFICATIONS (minimum requirements)


  • High School Diploma required
  • Certified Recovery Specialist (ICAADA) preferred or meet the eligibility requirements for the Certified Recovery Specialist Program for the State of Indiana. It will be required that a candidate hired without the certification must become certified within the first three months of employment to retain their position. Certification requires that a candidate “have lived experiences receiving mental health or substance use treatment and have been in recovery for at least one year.”


  • Experience with addiction and/or mental health required, lived experience preferred

Knowledge (Working, General, Thorough, Comprehensive)

  • Comprehensive knowledgeable about developing WRAP plans
  • General knowledge of all three forms of medication assisted treatment available in the community – methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone.


  • Proven ability to coordinate, review, classify, prioritize, analyze, and present data
  • Proven ability to set priorities and to meet deadlines
  • Ability to communicate effectively on an individual and group basis; includes ability to speak and write clearly

Job Requirements

  • A valid driver’s license is required as driving and/or transportation may be required to attend medical appointments, job sites, social activities and other community resources with participants as needed.


  • Provide recovery education to participants for every phase of the recovery journey from pre-recovery engagement, recovery initiation, recovery stabilization, and sustained recovery maintenance.
  • Work in partnership with local law enforcement and emergency service professionals to assist with home visits to persons referred to the MRT from a community partner or after an overdose.
  • Maintain follow-up contact with recovering persons to ensure their ongoing success and to provide re-engagement support in partnership with other agencies if needed. Long-term engagement, support, and encouragement.
  • In collaboration with the MIR Coordinator, utilize community resources and assess for appropriateness of services to participants.
  • Transport participants to their medicated assisted treatment appointments if necessary.
  • Assist participants in articulating personal goals, steps and barriers for recovery.
  • Assist participants in identifying personal strengths in daily living and recovery skills.
  • Observe and reinforce positive progress that participants make toward recovery goals.
  • Support the vocational choices participants make and assist them in overcoming job-related anxieties and conflicts.
  • Utilize his/her unique recovery experience to teach and role model the value of every individual’s recovery experience.
  • Maintain effective coping and self-help techniques.
  • Support connections to community based, mutual self-help groups and link individuals to appropriate professional resources when needed.
  • Provide vision-driven hope and encouragement for opportunities at varying levels of involvement in community-based activities (e.g., work, school, relationships, physical activity, self-directed hobbies, etc.)
  • Maintain confidentiality of participant information.
  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with participants and avoid dual relationships within the community.
  • Fulfill documentation requirements accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Use inclusive, culturally appropriate language and attitudes with all clients and staff.
  • Travel as instructed to meet with individuals within the assigned county.
  • Alternating on-call schedule will be required.

Required Training

  • Fire Safety, HIPPA, Sexual Harassment, Bloodborne Pathogens, Corporate Compliance & Ethics, First Aid, Confidentiality & HIPPA, Emergency Preparedness, Culture Diversity, Physical Safety in the Workplace, Principles of Evidence-Based Practice

Required Meeting

  • MRT A in each County
  • MRT B in each County
  • Department/Site Staff
  • All-Staff


Certified Recovery Specialists will work in an evidence-based practice environment and secure certifications in evidence-based practice programming as required.

Additional duties may be assigned by your supervisor.

Job Type: Full-time

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